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Employees sit together discussing around a desk with papers.

How To Market Your Business

Combining multiple marketing strategies to fit your needs is a great way to help increase your exposure. Learn more about how you can improve your marketing.

Laptop shows search results on Google with Google Ads.

The Basics of Google Ads

Advertising can sometimes be complex, especially when it comes to Google. But getting your brand out there in front of new customers is imperative to growing your business. Google is one of the most-used search engines for literally everything, so it’s worth it when it comes to Google Ads.

Employees look at computer and discuss website.

Increasing Your Website’s User Experience

A website is a place where your business gets the opportunity to share its story. In a way, a website can often be one reason a customer may choose to go with your brand over one of your competitors. Providing your customers with an exceptional online user experience can leave the same lasting effect as giving excellent in-store customer service.

Woman logging into Facebook on laptop

Facebook Shop: An Overview

During times like these, it’s even more important to utilize ways that can help get your business out there and in front of consumers. One topic we love to discuss in our marketing tips is social media, and we have something new to share! There’s another way to get your products in front of your customers: Facebook Shop—and we’ve gathered just about everything you need to know.

Man takes customer loyalty card out of his wallet

Choosing the Right Customer Loyalty Program

Is focusing on customer loyalty worth it? Absolutely. Customer loyalty can be the driving force behind your business! Find out more about the importance of customer loyalty, how you can get it, and the types of customer loyalty programs that might be right for you and your business.

Selling Experiences, Not Products

Consumers can find most products easily from numerous websites, making standing out from the crowd even more difficult than it already is.

A man holding a phone with 5 stars coming out of it.

The Impact of Reviews

One of the most important things that a business has is its reputation. Good or bad, your reputation is how you will continue attracting potential customers. But how do they know what your reputation is? Reviews.