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How To Market Your Business

One of the most common questions we get is, “How can I market my business?” Finding the best solution for your business will take a decent amount of thought and planning. Every small business is different, and even if they function in the same industry, some tactics may work better for one company than they will for another. Combining multiple strategies to fit your needs is a great way to help increase your exposure. We’ve listed a few ways to help you assess how you can improve your marketing.


Start by assessing what you’re currently doing. Do you have a current marketing strategy? If so, what is or is not working? Starting with a self-assessment can often help you decide where to go from where you currently are. If something isn’t working, can you readjust and try it in a different way, or just scrap it and move on altogether? Marketing, when done correctly, can help exponentially increase a business’s exposure, especially when done consistently. After assessing what you’re already doing, you can try out a few new tactics to market your business, such as the ones listed below!


Having good search engine optimization can be an essential part of increasing a business’s exposure. This key tool makes sure that when a potential customer is searching for a specific good or service on a search engine like Google, your business shows up as a viable company that offers a solution. One of the easiest ways a business can ensure their SEO is optimized is by ensuring that every bit of information is consistent across all platforms. That means having the same phone number, location, and company name across all of your online platforms, including your website and social media pages. If Google suspects your information is unclear or incorrect, your business will not appear as a top search result. It’s essential to manage your SEO in order to be found online.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most talked about forms of marketing. Not only is it a cost-effective way to market a business, it’s also an excellent way for you as a business to show off your latest products! Both Facebook and Instagram are great options to utilize for your business. This is where you can communicate directly with your customers and show off all of the fantastic things you have going on! Through social media, a business can tell their story, learn more about their audience, spread the word about upcoming events and promotions, and humanize their brand. By using social media consistently, you can form a connection with your surrounding community and increase your exposure. Don’t forget! Consistency is key.

Being Timely

Having an up-to-date website is another essential part of successful marketing. A business should never be advertising Halloween during Christmas time, or still have a promotion from last year visible on their home page. Ensuring that your business is being timely and maintaining your website will help prevent any confusion that may cause a potential customer to look elsewhere for their services.

Email Campaigns

One way you can become more recognizable to potential clients is by email marketing. Not only is this a great tool for you to keep in contact with your client base, but it also allows customers to know more about your business and the products you have available to purchase. Email campaigns are a great way to increase your brand recognition, and with click-to-purchase options, your customers can purchase your products hassle-free!

Getting Active!

Get active in the community! Word spreads quickly, and making yourself known in your community is not only free, but a great way to familiarize new customers with your business! Whether it’s going out to the local farmer’s market or providing products for a city gathering or tradeshow, these events are a great way to get out and make a name for your brand. When people see a business is active in their community, they will be more likely to gravitate towards using them over another business because they are recognizable and have a positive association. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing!

There are so many options when it comes to marketing a business to new and potential customers. Although there is no cure-all, there are many steps a business can take to ensure they’re on the right track. Just remember, consistency is key. Customers want to know that a business is readily available to help with their needs, and making that well known is vital to having a successful marketing strategy.

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