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Helpful Tools

With FGmarket, you’ll get the tools you need to promote your business to hundreds of retailers looking to stock their stores with products like yours. Check out some of the great tools that come with an FGmarket membership!

You're in control

Member Tools: Edit Storefront Options, Edit Category Links, Add/Edit Videos, Edit Specials, Review Category Storefront, Manage Testimonials, Add/Edit Product Images

Storefront Display Options

Show or hide what you want in your FGmarket storefront.

Notification Options

Choose how FGmarket sends you notifications about your storefront’s viewers.

My Testimonials

Add, review or moderate your FGmarket testimonials.

Upload Gallery Images

Upload pictures of your products to be displayed when people visit your profile.

Review Vendor Storefront

Preview your storefront and see what categories you are listed under.

Edit Category Links

Edit your storefront’s web address for specific categories to point them to the right pages.

Edit User Videos

Upload or remove your own videos to your profile.

Profile & Promotions

Easily display promotions through your easy-to-use FGmarket profile page.

Track your success

Tracking Tools: Ad Exposure Summary, Vendor Messages

Ad Exposure Summary

Analytics show how well your advertising is working on FGmarket.

Vendor Messages

View messages sent from profile visitors.

Promote your business further

Additional Marketing Services: Display Advertising, Display Advertising, Text Advertising, Listing & Banner Images

Banner Advertising

Increase your exposure on FGmarket’s home page and all over the site. Advertising

Place your ad on FSN to reach 7,000+ florists.

Text Advertising

Focused text ads showcase your best products or specials.

Storefront & Banner Image Upload

Promote your company directly to hundreds of interested retailers on FGmarket.

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