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hand holding a graph of the buying cycle

The Buying Cycle: What It Is and How It Can Help

The buying cycle is a step-by-step journey your customers will make before they finally buy your product. Your job as a company is to deliver the right information, at the right place, and at the right time, to make the process easier for customers. One excellent and effective way to do so is through your website.

Two business owners shaking hands

B2B Marketing: Why It Matters For Your Business

Do you know what B2B Marketing is, and how it affects your business? As a wholesaler, you probably already know that B2B stands for business-to-business. Instead of marketing your products to consumers, you’re marketing your products to other businesses. As a wholesaler, that means marketing your products to retailers who want to sell your products on their shelves.

hands typing review on computer

How To Gather Reviews For Your Business

Your reviews, whether positive or negative, reveal a lot about your business. It tells consumers so much about you that most people, 85 percent, according to BrightLocal, read online reviews to determine whether a local business is a good business. As a local business owner, it’s imperative that you learn how to gather reviews and use them to your advantage.