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B2B Marketing: Why It Matters For Your Business

Do you know what B2B Marketing is, and how it affects your business? As a wholesaler, you probably already know that B2B stands for business-to-business. Instead of marketing your products to consumers, you’re marketing your products to other businesses. As a wholesaler, that means marketing your products to retailers who want to sell your products on their shelves.

Wholesalers should make sure they’re doing B2B marketing right, and presenting products in the best way to potential retail buyers. Whether you’re a huge corporation, or a small town business, good B2B marketing strategies are key to building lasting relationships!

Here are just a few reasons why B2B Marketing matters for your business.

Lots Of Companies Rely On B2B Commerce

When a company needs to buy office supplies for their employees, where do you think they get it from? Most of the time, they aren’t going down to the local Office Store to get it. They usually buy their supplies from a trusted wholesaler.

What about a florist who needs to buy ribbon, floral refrigerators, or fun gifts for their gift baskets? They aren’t going to their local five and dime store. They rely on wholesalers who offer them great prices on amazing products.

That’s where you come in. Your wholesale products are the lifeblood of many in the floral industry, and you have to make sure you’re marketing yourself to those businesses to entice them to buy your products. B2B marketing is key to finding the right buyers.

You Can Reach Tons Of Industries

Florists are one of the main targets for wholesalers on FGmarket (after all, our new is Floral and Gift Market), but what about the other industries out there? As a wholesaler, you don’t want to limit yourself to just one industry. Thankfully, B2B marketing lets you reach out to tons of different industries who are interested in buying your products right now!

Have an awesome natural handmade soap product that you want great local retail stores, or maybe even an international business to notice? You’ve got to market yourself to those businesses! FGmarket is the first great step in doing that, and we reached more than 226,000 users on our site last year alone! Not only that, but 80% of search results that direct people toward our site are organic based for specific categories on the site. FGmarket is the ultimate online tradeshow!

The Relationships Last Longer in B2B

Finally, there’s nothing more disappointing for a business than a customer who shops once with them and then never buys their products again. Customer loyalty is hard to come by, however, with B2B commerce, the relationships last much longer.

That’s because businesses love to find another wholesale vendor that they can trust, and that will always give them the best deal. You’re more likely to have a long term relationship through B2B than you are through B2C (or business to consumer). A longstanding relationship between businesses proves that B2B marketing works.

Don’t be afraid to market yourself to businesses. Chances are, unless you focus on B2B marketing, and utilizing your FGmarket profile page in the best way possible, you might miss a lot of fantastic B2B commerce opportunities. Focus on marketing to other businesses, and watch your own business grow!

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