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What Are Google Ads?

Did you know that every second there are 2.3 million searches on Google? That’s an enormous amount of consumers logging on to Google to find information. If you’ve searched on Google recently, then you’ve probably seen Google ads pop up on the results page. But what exactly are Google ads?

Google ads, or Google AdWords, are paid advertisements that show up on the results page of Google. These advertisements can appear throughout Google. There are also two different places on the results page that Google ads can appear. They can show up at the very top of the page or at the very bottom.

The ads in the red box are located at the top of the results page, while the ads in the green box are located at the bottom.

But how does Google decide which ads to display? It’s all based on an auction system that is focused on keywords. Interested advertisers choose a set of keywords that they would like to target with their ad. These keywords are ones that are relevant to their business and that their target audience is likely to type in the search bar.

Then the advertisers have to bid on those keywords. The business willing to pay the most per click, combined with a Quality Score that Google determines, decides who gets ads on those keywords.

Google ads are a great place to drive engagement to your website. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your target audience!

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