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Understanding Your Target Audience

As a wholesale vendor, one of the most important things to know is who your target audience is. In case you’re unfamiliar, target audiences are the people who are most likely to buy your products or services, a.k.a the ones that will be the easiest and most reliable to market your products to! Your target audience can be anyone from international buyers who are looking for awesome American-made products to people in your community who would rather buy from a local business that they know and trust, and everyone in between!

Knowing your target audience can help you better strategize your marketing efforts so that you can put more effort into enticing customers who you know are interested in your product. So, how do you figure out who your target audience is, and what steps should you take to market to them? Here are a few key tips to help you out.

Broad vs. Narrow

Do you want to market your products to everyone or a select few? You really have to look at the products and services you’re selling and who it will appeal to before you start marketing those products to a specific audience.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a candle company that specializes in natural soy candles that burn clean. Your packaging is environmentally conscious and biodegradable. Your focus will likely be 25 to 40-year-old females in urban/suburban areas with a strong focus on sustainable living, so that’s who you want to focus your marketing efforts on!

Marketing Strategies

Consider the tools and strategies you’re using to reach your target audience. Are you focusing on traditional advertising mediums such as billboards or magazine ads, or is your focus on digital and social media advertising?

Different age groups prefer different forms of advertising. The millennial and younger age groups are less likely to respond positively to the more traditional forms of advertising, like television ads and billboards. They’re more likely to pay attention to “hidden” ads, which means ads that seem more like a conversation than someone trying to sell them something. Think of social media posts and sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach this audience. But the older generations still prefer to get their ads from TV, newspapers, magazines, and billboards. Find out who you want to target your products to, and build your advertising strategy around your target audience.

Going back to the candle company, you’ve got your target audience, but how do you market to them? You might highlight the company’s commitment to sustainability in product descriptions and organic and paid social media posts. Showcasing the eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing processes will appeal to your demographic profile. By tailoring products and marketing strategies to meet your target audience’s preferences and values, you can effectively connect with this specific target audience in the eco-conscious niche.

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Observe Your Competitors

What are your competitors doing, and how are they reaching their target audience? Sometimes, it’s better to observe how others are marketing to a target audience rather than to go into it blind with no experience. If your competitors are reaching the audience you want, figure out a way to take what they’re doing right and improve it.

If you observe your competitors successfully reaching their customers through social media, consider changing how you run your social media accounts. If your competitors are reaching your target audience through online advertising, try that as well. If they’re branding their business as  “local” or “made in the USA,” and you’re not, consider changing the language surrounding your business to appeal to your target audience.

Understanding your target audience can help you better appeal to the retailers you’re looking for and aid in your success!

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