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Tips for Getting More Wholesale Customers

As a wholesaler, you’re always looking to work with more retailers to get your wonderful products into their stores and in turn, into the hands of happy consumers.

Whether you’ve been in the wholesale game for years or your brand new to the experience, we’ve got five great tips that can help you revitalize your wholesale strategy and get more wholesale sales.

Customer Service

Treating your customers right is crucial to gaining their trust and their business. When you’re a wholesaler, your customer service is aimed at buyers and retailers, and not your typical shopper.

Be sure to give buyers of your wholesale products the respect and patience that you would expect if you were on their side of the conversation.

Customer service is the first great step in earning yourself more wholesale business.

Great Deals

You know what everyone loves? A great deal.

I love shopping online and getting special coupon codes, BOGO offers, and free gifts when I make a purchase.

You can implement the same strategy for your wholesale business. Whenever you’re partnering with a new retailer, give them a special discount to sweeten the deal, such as a new partnership discount, or a one-time offer.

Customers love incentives, and so will retailers.

Create Great Marketing Material

Are you creating engaging marketing materials that capture the attention of retailers looking to partner with you?

Are you giving them enough reason to choose to buy your products over your competitors?

Many times, we get into the routine of doing the same type of emails and advertisements, or we get lazy with our social media presence.

If you want to be a successful wholesaler, you can’t fall into the trap of the status quo.

Marketing yourself is all about creating something that tells customers what you’re trying to sell them, while at the same time making it interesting enough that they won’t look over what you’re trying to sell.

Focus on new ideas for marketing yourself, and show buyers why your product is the right fit for them.

Referral Programs

Have you ever thought about setting up a referral program for businesses that mention you to their friends?

Referral programs have been proven to work in many retail industries, and they can be used for anything from free offers or great discounts.

For a wholesale referral program, you could offer your customers who refer you a discounted price for their wholesale purchases for a certain amount of time (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.)

These kinds of programs work to give your loyal customers more reason to stay with you, and they also help spread the word about your great business.

Reach Out

Local advertising and media relations are sometimes the best way to broadcast to people that, “Hey! I’m out here, and I want to partner with you to sell my products in your store.”

Reach out to local newspapers to see if there’s a special features section of the newspaper where they do profiles on business owners. It’s a great way to reach the folks around you, who are sometimes your biggest buyers.

You can also see if you can shoot a commercial to be aired on local TV stations, as a way to advertise in your community.

It’s always a good idea to develop a business relationship with the people of influence that surround your community. Start locally, and then expand out from there.

Utilize these 5 tips for getting you more wholesale sales, and see how much your business can grow!

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