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Guerrilla Marketing

What exactly is guerrilla marketing? Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional form of promotion that helps raise brand awareness. It’s used primarily as a budget-friendly marketing strategy that utilizes creative content to get peoples’ attention. Because its nature is so unconventional, we have some great examples for you.


Source: Marketing Ideas 101


Source: Alt Terrain

GoldToe is an underwear company that went all out to promote their products. They put a pair of HUGE undergarments on a bull statue for everyone walking by to see. They used this promotion to tease an upcoming product release and chose to do it in style. Sometimes it’s best to stop overthinking and go with something silly and fun!



Bounty sells paper towels and decided to highlight its most compelling product advantage with this promotion. Not only did they place this gigantic popsicle in New York, but they also placed a larger-than-life cup of coffee. By visually displaying a problem that everyone has, Bounty was convincing the public how it could solve that problem—Bounty brand paper towels.

Feeling inspired to try your hand at Guerrilla marketing? Get creative and come up with unique promotions to advertise your business and show consumers how your products or services can benefit their lives.

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