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Establishing Professional Partnerships

Professional partnerships can be very beneficial for businesses—especially small businesses. Co-marketing with other local establishments that aren’t direct competition can help you reach a larger audience. By partnering with each other, you can both grow your customer base, work together to come up with a cobranded campaign and promote each other in your community. Check out our tips on how you can maintain a successful professional partnership.

Decide On A Cobranded Campaign

Once you’ve come together with another local business, you need to determine a strategy for your campaign. Get together to create a promotional plan that will benefit both businesses and attract the right customers. Think about what kind of content will be needed to engage your target audience and convert that audience to paying customers. Check out this free template for guidelines as you make plans.

Create Cobranded Content

Now that your plan is in place, it’s time for some content creation. You want your customers to see you presenting content together—displaying a united front is essential. Consider co-creating blog posts, co-hosting webinars, interacting on social media, and attending local events together. The more content consumers see you creating together, the more successful your partnership will be. A great example is Google and Twitter’s partnership for Small Business Saturday. They teamed up on social media with a common hashtag to give helpful advice on how to be successful during the upcoming holiday season.

Once the campaign is over, take a look back at the progress you’ve both made and evaluate what worked and didn’t work. That way if you decide to do another campaign together, you can make the next one even better!

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