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Writing Powerful Calls-to-Action

Do you struggle to get your audience to take action on your website, social media, or ads? It could be because your call-to-action doesn’t impact them the way it should. Having a strong call-to-action will guide your online viewers into doing exactly what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. So how can you improve your calls-to-action? First, we need to talk about some basics.

What is a call-to-action?

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a word, phrase, or sentence that motivates the reader to take action. Usually, these take the form of a button on your website or in an email. They can persuade people to do what you want them to do, such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing something on social media.

There are several common types of CTAs:

Webpage buttons

This is probably the most common type of call-to-action. Pretty much every webpage you’ve ever visited has had a CTA button. They’re typically large and stand out from the rest of the page, drawing the eye of the consumer.

Embedded Links

Many web pages utilize links embedded directly into their content. These are especially prominent in blog posts or articles to try to get the reader to stay on the site longer.

Buttons or text in emails

Similar to the two types above, CTAs are also used prominently in email marketing. They’re typically attention-grabbing and noticeably placed.

Text on social media posts

Social media CTAs are usually included in the caption. You’ll more than likely be competing with other companies and individuals for users’ attention, so a clear, straightforward CTA is necessary.

Website pop-ups

Many websites utilize pop-ups to grab the attention of the user. They normally give access to a special offer or deal and are usually eye-catching and light on text other than the specific deal they’re offering.

Why are calls-to-action so important?

Calls-to-action can help to guide your audience through processes that directly impact your conversion rates. A well-crafted CTA will draw visitors’ attention, pique their interest, and help guide them into doing exactly what you want them to do.

People expect to see a CTA in a prominent place when they visit any website. That doesn’t mean they will always click, though. Creating a compelling call-to-action can be tricky, but we’ve got a few tips that we think will help you get the job done.

How do I write a great call to action?

1. Don’t beat around the bush

Be clear and concise with your CTA. Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do without many frills. This is especially important when there is a character limit for your CTA, like in online ads. Begin your CTA with a strong action verb, such as “Buy,” “Shop,” or “Subscribe.” This lets your audience know what exactly they’ll be doing when they click your CTA. It is direct and informative, which should help you get more clicks.

2. Evoke enthusiasm

You want your audience to be excited to take action! If your call-to-action promotes a feeling of enthusiasm, consumers will be enthusiastic too. Try adding exclamation points to your CTA! It’s a small but powerful way to make your CTA more exciting and your audience more eager to take action.

3. Give them a reason

Users are much more likely to click a link when you tell them exactly what they’ll be receiving. Mention their gain in your CTA to grab their attention. For example, “Call today for your free consultation!” is probably going to get a lot more attention than simply “Call today!” By letting your consumers know what they’re gaining, you’re boosting their confidence to take action.

4. FOMO is your friend

The Fear of Missing Out, otherwise known as FOMO, is a great motivator. Create urgency in your calls-to-action if you want your audience to take action quickly. Wording like “Buy now while supplies last!” or “Shop before Monday to get half off!” should be enough to provoke your customers to take action. After all, they won’t want to miss out on a great opportunity they might never have again!

5. Include numbers when relevant

Be specific with your CTAs and incorporate numbers when it makes sense to! Consumers respond well to seeing numbers before they commit to anything, so it’s a good idea to include pricing, discounts, or incentives in number form to appeal to them even more. Including something like “25% off” or “3 appointments available today!” could be just the trigger your audience needs to take action.

6. Get creative

Most importantly, be creative and have fun with your CTAs! You never know what’s going to work until you try it, and audiences love to see that a brand has a personality. Try something new and see how it goes!

Having strong and impactful CTAs is crucial for any business. Your CTAs can be great with a little work. Try out some of these tips and let us know how it goes!

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